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Here's Your May Inspo List!

When we started the monthly inspo list last month, we were pretty overwhelmed with all the awesome stuff to feature. Our list was too long and there was way too many good stuff that we wanted to show you! For May, we're highlighting artists we wanted to include on the April list and a also few new ones that we just discovered!

Like the artists we featured in April, our new list boasts an eclectic collection of inspiring work that we hope will make you want to try new stuff!

24framesofginger's Taco Bell Pixelation

For the past year or so, we've been seeing a lot of creative pixilation animation (stop motion involving people) that are simply mindblowing. One of the most prolific animators when it comes to this stuff is 24framesofginger. Need some proof? Here's his latest masterpiece for Taco Bell! Don't you love how seamless the transitions are and how fun he makes everything look?

Frantic Frames's Trippy Shoe Ad

When describing talented stop motion artists, the word "special" gets thrown a lot. But we sincerely believe that Ben Treat (a.k.a. Frantic Frames) is one of those individuals that truly belong in this category. A bona fide autodidact, we've been following him since the early days when he was still learning how to animate using clay. At only 19 years old, he's evolved into a prolific animator, confidently creating intricate works like the commercial you see below!

Andreaanimates Buttery Felt Work

Andrea Love (a.k.a. Andreaanimates) doesn't do much product/commercial work, but we absolutely love her meticulously crafted felt objects. She creates anything from anthropomorphic characters to matchboxes in breathtaking detail. And if her felting skills weren't enough, check out how she animates with such challenging material! We couldn't even begin to imagine how difficult it is to move all that fuzzy stuff frame by frame!

Marie Lechevalier's Paper Cutout BTS

Do you still remember when we attempted animating gummy candy using a multiplane camera? Now we're here to show you how Aardman animator Marie Lechevallier masterfully uses the technique with paper cutouts! She doesn't post a lot of animated content, but sharing with us glimpses of her working as a professional animator is enough reason to follow her.

Member Anneli van Wyk's Robot Animation

We follow our members on social media, and our heart always skips a beat whenever we see a fellow stop motion artist sharing their creation! Here's a short BTS clip from Anneli van Wyk animating a robot speaker. She made the clip below even before she signed up for our courses. You know someone has real potential when they can already convey the sense of weight on a plastic toy at their first attempt at animating. Just look at those tiny feet stomping!


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