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Spring into creativity with these March updates!

Hello, everyone! It's almost springtime, and we got another batch of exciting updates for you!

Thanks to you, we made a small leap last month and announced a few new things in addition to our regular tutorials.

We shared our first interview with the whimsical creator Lina Ortega two weeks ago. And starting this week, we'll be launching the rest of the announcements we promised in February, including the contests/giveaways!

Of course, apart from fulfilling last month's additions, we're also including a couple more updates to keep your creative juices pumping this spring!

But first, the weekly tutorials!

Apart from the practical tutorials, we'll now be teaching you how to use After Effects beginning this month!

Since we started this blog, we've finally covered all the basics of editing using Adobe Premiere. So we're excited to share with you our very first AE lesson in the next two weeks!

P.S. Don't worry. We'll still include Premiere tutorials every now and then. But if you're an absolute beginner who wants to learn the ins and outs of the editing suite for stop motion animation, at least you know you'll find all the essentials on this website!

Here are the lessons we're offering this month:

  1. How to Animate Stop Motion in Photoshop (launching tomorrow 3/9/22)

  2. 5 Tips for Animating Food

  3. How to Remove Rigs in After Effects

  4. Creative Experiments: Multi-plane Animation

So what else can you expect this month?

Expect more interviews to follow! Our next artist features will involve more practical advice concerning stop motion animation's creative and business aspects. That way, you'll get an insider's point-of-view into this strange and wonderful career!

Apart from the interviews, you can also expect these new additions:

Creative Experiments!

You probably already saw this newest addition listed on our weekly tutorials. But let us elaborate on what it is and why you need it. Creative Experiments are projects/reviews/tutorials that involve unconventional techniques that we either created ourselves or found online.

We'll let you know firsthand about our experience playing with new ideas and how you can do them at home! This month, we'll be recreating the famous multi-plane animation technique used by Disney animators beginning in the 30s--using nothing but a piece of Ikea furniture!

Our First Giveaway!

We wanted our first giveaway to have a bit of a personal touch. So we decided to delay it until March until we finished a little DIY project we'd like to share with one of you before the end of the month. So keep your eyes out for the announcement in the next few days!

8-Bit Sound Effects!

It has been a while since we updated our sound effects library. But we've been working on old-school electronic sound effects in the past few weeks you can use for your stop motion work.

Apart from the beep and boop sound effects, we also included short soundtracks you can add to your awesome animations!


Once again, we'd like to thank you for helping us make this blog better.

We have a few more things planned in the coming months, and we can't wait to share them with you once they're ready!

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