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New Piping Hot Tutorials Coming Your Way This June!

Hello, everyone!

Summer's almost here, but we're not taking a vacation yet. We get super excited whenever we see our tutorials do well. So lately, we've been wracking our brains on what type of new content you'll love and find helpful.

Beginning this month, we'll be covering more topics that other stop motion blogs don't discuss as much. Some of the tutorials below may sound technical, but they're relatively easy to do, even for beginners.

So here are the new skills you'll learn this June:

  • Pixilation animation

  • Video frame interpolation

  • Animating using the Puppet Warp

  • Creative Experiments: Rotoscoping

Okay, so what do all these jargons mean? Let's unpack each one!

  1. Pixilation means animating body parts.

  2. Video frame interpolation means artificially adding more frames to your animation to make it appear smoother.

  3. Puppet Warp is a Photoshop tool that lets you manipulate images like a puppet.

  4. Rotoscoping refers to tracing a live image and turning it into a full-on traditional animation.

See? We told you it's not as complicated as you think!

So what else can you expect this June?

Footstep Sound Effects

If you've done any pixilation or character animation, you know how difficult it can be to find the correct sound effects for footsteps. This month, we will share a few recordings to make the process easier for you. We'll include the most common sounds from high heels clicking on the concrete floor to feet walking on the wet sand.

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1 Comment

Jennifer Arce Lara
Jennifer Arce Lara
Jun 09, 2022


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