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Here's Your June Inspo List

For our June inspo list, we focused on the more unconventional examples of stop motion. There may not be many product-based animations here, but we're pretty certain that the out-of-the-box concepts you'll encounter here will give you some new seeds for ideas!

Sunday.Nobody's Dancing Bears

If you're into experimental stop motion, then Sunday Nobody should be on your list. Strictly speaking, he's not a stop-motion animator. But he plays with all sorts of mediums, and he's quite proficient with the less traditional forms stop motion animation.

So, just how experimental is Sunday Nobody? The clip above was created by spray painting hundreds of bears inside a tunnel. He then rode a bike and recorded video on his camera to capture the result you see in the video!

P.S. He also created a pixelated GIF painting of Rick Astley (of RickRollin fame) using regular canvas!

Rudy Willingham's Dolly Parton Latte Art

Artist Rudy Willingham is arguably one of the most creative visual "pranksters" on the internet. He likes using cutouts and superimposing them onto real-world backdrops to create inventive and often humorous videos like this one referencing Stranger Things characters.

But apart from his regular funny videos, he also creates stop-motion clips. Of course, most of them involve cutouts as usual. But once in a while, you stumble upon gems like Dolly Parton singing inside a cup of latte!

Moviemountain's Ispa Shoe Spot

While most animators focus on super-clean stop motion work that almost looks computer-generated, Washington State-based film studio Moviemountin has created its niche by producing engaging stop motion content with a grittier, homemade feel.

One of their latest creations is the Nike Inspa shoe featuring a canvas background and stop motion rigs. Showing the wrinkly muslin and all the metal rods from the rigs initially sounds like a bad idea. But somehow, its unedited quality adds to its charm and we absolutely love it!

Member Jennifer Arce's Beer Animation

Jennifer Arce is one of the very first members of this blog and is also among the most talented, especially when it comes to creating still photos or stop motion clips of food. Her style involves vivid colors and deep contrasts that make you almost feel and taste what she captures with her camera.

Her most recent work combines her love for photography and stop motion using nothing but lights! We see how she turns the chiaroscuro quality of her short loop into a clever nod to the brand name on the can: NOIR. The entire clip may be minimalistic in style, but its concept is pretty profound!


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