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Here's Your April Inspo List!

As creative people, we're all susceptible to artist's block. But when ideas seem difficult to come by, we find that a daily dose of inspiration helps rekindle creativity!

For our first monthly inspo list, we scoured the internet to give you a variety of imaginative animated clips that will surely spark some ideas in your head... or at least make you excited to make your next animation!

Hudson Christie's Commercial for LycaRed

We've been big fans of this Toronto-based graphic artist's playful clay work for a long time. He mainly produces still images but occasionally creates charming stop motion animation like the one you see below.

While entirely made out of clay, the seamless camera movement makes this animated loop feel more like a clever CGI illusion... but the fact that it's not makes it quite impressive! Don't believe it? Just look at the faint flickering from the lights!

Tomohiro Okazaki's Match Stick Animations

Behold our newest Instagram discovery: Tomohiro Okazaki! Take a look at his intricately designed paper and matchstick animation below, and you'll see why we can't get enough of it.

Seeing creative works from artists like Okazaki reminds us that stop motion is a constantly evolving medium. Who knew you could make such mesmerizing results with nothing but tiny household items?

Sebas Conen's Tiny World

Sebas Conen may not have a large following (yet), but his Instagram page is undoubtedly a treasure chest filled with creative gems, such as the tiny world animation below. It may seem simple, but his inventive use of saran wrap and plastic beads to make a waterfall is enough to give you a glimpse of his boundless imagination.

Conen doesn't restrict himself to stop motion. He also works with digital animation and illustration. Sure, it may all seem random. But trust us: Browse through his random visual experiments and might just find that missing piece you need for a new idea.

Adam Rowland's Animated Peter Lord Interview

Adam Rowland (a.k.a. Awkward.Animations) is arguably among the most prolific animators on Instagram. His feed provides a constant stream of mind-blowing content--including this animated version of Peter Lord discussing the intricacies of creating stop motion.

It's one thing to listen to Peter Lord, a pioneering animator behind Aardman Studios, about animating facial expressions. But seeing Adam Rowland transpose his voice to a clay character to demonstrate his point? Brilliant! Just Brilliant!


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