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It's Time to Fiesta with These New Thrilling Lessons!

Hello, everyone!

It's finally May, and before we share with you our monthly update, we're super excited to announce that the winner of our stop motion rig giveaway is... Cecelia Romero Likes!

Please watch out for more giveaways in the future. And don't worry if you don't live in the United States. Whether you're from Singapore or South Africa, we'll send you a prize if you win!

For transparency, below is the result from our randomizer:

Now on to our monthly tutorials...

Here are all the new skills you'll learn this month:

  • Add scribbles to your animation

  • Create Loopable Animation

  • Composite animated elements together

  • Creative Experiments: Create a flipbook business card

So what else can you expect this May?

Website Update!

As much as we enjoyed designing this tutorial website, we think it's ready for a few updates.

First, we're working on a landing page that we hope would better reflect the creative aspects of learning stop motion. Apart from that, we will also be updating the website's user interface to make interactions easier.

Of course, overhauling a website can take a while to do. All the changes may take months, but we're excited to let you know in advance about the changes we will be making!

ASMR Sound Effects!

We all know that stop motion films can have ASMR qualities. Lately, we've even seen quite a few animated commercials that take advantage of scalp-tingling sounds to capture the audience's attention.

So what if you also want to incorporate ASMR into your stop motion clips but don't have recording equipment? Don't worry, because we'll share sound effects that are guaranteed to give you an optimal auditory experience this month.


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